Africa Investment Series

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The Africa Investment Series, is a totally transactional opportunity for investors, and its partners that will accelerate private sector investments in Africa through a combination of:

  • Pipeline Development: Pooling the collective efforts of development institutions to augment project pipelines, visibility, and deal screening. Partners will bring their respective projects on to the African Investment Forum platform.
  • Project Preparation: Scaling up technical assistance, process harmonization, funding and grants for feasibility studies, structuring, training, and transactions advisory;
  • Policy Environment: advocating institutional reforms and improving regulatory policies to promote policy certainty for the private sector actors
  • Project Bankability: Using the co-guarantee platform suite of credit enhancement tools to promote private and public sector co-investment.
  • Investment Promotion: Proactive investor engagement and market intelligence.

The Africa Investment series, will host discrete and focused investment opportunity sessions through boardroom discussions, bi-lateral meetings, and workshops.

Financing Africa’s Sustainable Development Goals will require an estimated US $600-700 billion per annum. Of this, approximately US $130-170 billion a year in infrastructure investment will be needed, to keep pace with demographic shifts, consumer demand, and economic development.

Africa’s many development and infrastructure opportunities are fertile ground for broad-based partnerships between governments, multilateral development banks, and the private sector to together identify and jointly finance transformational projects.

Assets Under Management (AUM) of domestic institutional investors in Africa are expected to rise to US $1.8 trillion by 2020, from US $670 billion in 2012 providing a source of financing for well-structured transformational projects.

The Africa Investment series will catalyze investments into projects to Light up and Power Africa, Feed Africa, Industrialise Africa, Integrate Africa, and Improve the quality of life for the people of Africa.

The High 5 agenda for Africa Investment Series
The Africa Investment Series will focus on five priority areas that are crucial for accelerating Africa’s economic transformation.

Light up and power Africa
Demand for energy is rising rapidly, with 635 million Africans still to be served. Through the New Deal on Energy for Africa, the African Development Bank is working to unify efforts to achieve universal access to energy.

Feed Africa
More than 70% of Africans depend on agriculture for their livelihoods. To unlock the sector’s full potential and vastly improve the lives of millions, the Bank is working with the public and private sector to provide opportunities for Africa’s young and emerging workforce.

Industrialise Africa
The Bank is supporting African businesses to expand viable markets beyond small national borders through regional value addition, building Africa’s natural resources, and expanding regional consumer markets.

Integrate Africa
Through its Regional Integration Policy and Strategy, the Bank continues to support regional/continental trade agreements, connectivity (transport and ICT), and financial markets.

Improve the quality of life for the people of Africa
The Bank is committed to scaling-up technical skills so that African economies can realise their full potential in knowledge and high-technology sectors.


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